• 2019 Year

    in 2019, the company's order volume "went up a higher level", and its monthly output reached an all-time high.

  • 2018 Year

    in 2018, the company started to work on orthodontic production lines, including anti-snoring, retainers, occlusion guards and other products, and new orders gradually increased for the company. And it lays the economic foundation for the company’s future development;

  • 2017 Year

    new removable denture production lines were added in 2017, and Hybrid's production began in the same year; 

  • 2016 Year

    In the following year, fixed denture production lines were put into use, initial customer orders were stable and the volume of business increased gradually;

  • 2015 Year

    Zhuhai DS dental Technology Co., Ltd. was registered in 2015.